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"The Mind is the soil from which everything grows. The thought is the seed and YOU the Gardner. Will You choose to grow something Amazing?"
YOU Hold the Power."

~Ms. Dana Mich'elle~

Are you a woman of Faith who's ready to:

Step in, Stand in and Stay in Her Power?

Be Unstoppable?

Create a Life YOU Love and do it on YOUR terms?

Stop Feeling Like a Victim in Your Own Life?

And Ready to Shine with Authentic Confidence as a Conscious Creator... 

Creating a New Reality and Infinite Possibilities?

Then You, Dear Heart, are in the right place!


Welcome, Beautiful Bright Star and Amazing One! How would your life change if you knew you had the Power to:

  • Be the amazing woman you know yourself to be
  • Do the things your soul is calling you to do
  • Manifest your heart's desires in a way that is authentic for you?

How would it feel to live life on your terms, and no longer be a puppet on the strings that other people, situations or life pull?  Well, today you are one step closer to a new more powerful you! As a Spiritual Teacher and Transformational Health & Life INPOWERment Coach, my goal is to edUcate, in POWER and INspire you to realign with your Inner Creative Power; so you can authentically design your Outer Dream Reality in a way that feels good to you--as you transFORM from the inside out.  It's time to uncover your true potential; so you can live life on YOUR terms.

Helping you to tap into and align with your Power in every area of your life, and becoming the Powerful, Masterful and Conscious Creator God created you to be is my mission. Provided for you are vibrations of loving support, guidance, a safe space (with no judgment) and accountability as your life coach for transforming the mindset that stands in the way of you creating and living out your vision. Whether you want to create:


  • Greater Vitality
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Healthier Relationships
  • Experience Inner Peace
  • Increase Happiness and Joy
  • Take Control of Your Finances
  • Deepen Your Spiritual Connection
  • Cultivate CELLf-Care and CELLf-Love
  • Or Being the C.E.O. of Your Life


It's all possible! For you were born with everything you need to reach your highest creative capacity. I (along with Spirit) can help you get there faster than you would by yourself. Together, we can journey inside as we co-create your new reality; you don't have to go it alone. I may not know you; but as your sister in the journey, I do Love you.  You are worthy of the best that life has to offer.  My heart's desire is to help you to create it; because not only are you worthy--but you are absolutely deserving!

If you're committed to becoming the Designer of your Destiny, creating a more fulfilling, meaningful, and aligned life (intentionally); I look forward to working with you. Start your amazing journey toward creating your dream reality, and living a life aligned and designed that you absolutely Love and deserve... ON PURPOSE, with PASSION and with POWER! Contact me today for a FREE COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION. ..aren't YOU worth a conversation?!

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